Arma 2 server rental hosting

I found an amazing site where you can find any possible arma 2 server hosting company. Go check this out, arma 2 server hosting is here.

You can find more in a site like the official page at Official arma 2 site.

By the way let me tell you about some more stuff i came across. Dont forget to visit dayz server hosting.

Its a mod for arma 2, please leave your comments or reply!

Anyone know where can i get  some arma 2 server hosting and dayz server? I need a cheap hosting provider and not extream expensive, for more information you can go out and start googling stuff, im sure i can make my own stuff here and about the hosting or rental and rent cheap allways care when you are there. Please forget about the old arma 2 stuff. This is the best site arma 2 and server , but not hosting!

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